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January, April and October

Modular Year Course

Do you want to get out of your head?

Are you looking for a reliable, practical acting technique?

Are you looking for a deeply joyful, authentic process that allows you to become fully present in your body and responsive to your partner?

Do you want to revive the love you have for your craft with one of the Industry’s leading teachers?

Then you’re in the right place.

Our part-time, year-long Meisner training follows a modular three-term format that allows the actor to sign up for one, two, or all three modules at the outset – or to pick up subsequent modules later if their circumstances change.

Here’s how it works …

The course is divided into three self-contained modules of eight weeks each.

There are entry points in January, April and October each year.

Module 1 – Living Truthfully
Module 2 – The Given Set of Circumstances
Module 3 – A State of Aliveness

Living Truthfully covers our basic, Meisner-rooted Technique, giving you a deep and experiential grounding in its analysis and exercises, focusing on those which bring you into ‘the moment.’

The Given Set of Circumstances takes the Technique forward into work with ‘the givens’ of performance, including investing in the realities of doing at the heart of any actor’s work.

A State of Aliveness takes your work into text, from the first Reading and text analysis, through to rehearsal techniques, culminating in a performance of scenes for an invited audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apply now

We conduct rolling interviews, so just get in touch with ImpulseUK’s Administrator, Lyn A Dade – or 07525 264173 – and she’ll fix you up with an informal interview with Scott. She’ll also email you a questionnaire which you should complete and take with you to your interview.

Don’t delay!

The course is very popular and it’s our practice to match our rolling interview programme with rolling offers – it’s unusual for us to keep a candidate waiting for a decision more than two weeks after interview. So if you’re interested, do get full details from Lyn and set up that interview as soon as you can.